Halloween Update!

The long awaited Clash of Clans Halloween Update is almost here. Supercell is making the game Halloween themed as well as adding many new features such as:

Clan Settings- Supercell is adding a ton of new features for clans. Now you can set war frequency (always, once a week, twice a week, rarely, and never), your clan location (no more Chinese players in English clans), and a clan tag (makes it easier to find your clan when you search). These new updates will greatly improve clans and how to know which is the right one to join.


Boosting Adjustments- When this update comes out, you will be able to control your barrack boosting times. For example, if Supercell comes out with a new update and have a maintenance break, you will no longer lose that 2 hours that you spent gems on. When the break starts the boost will stop, and you will be able to resume it when you get back on.


Halloween Updates- Of course this is the Halloween update, so Supercell will be adding Halloween features to the game. They added changes to the debris that occurs in your base to make it look more scary. They are also adding a Halloween Headstone as a new decoration. Also there is now a one gem spell factory boost for an entire day.


Let’s enjoy Halloween while it lasts! I can’t wait to see what else Supercell will add in this update. I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek! Clash on!

3 thoughts on “Halloween Update!

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