The Impact of the 4th Mortar

If you haven’t heard it already, Supercell will be adding a fourth mortar in the Halloween update. This raises some questions such as will this be available at TH9, TH10, or maybe at a brand new Town Hall 11? Read about 4th mortar base design.

Impact 1: Lower Trophies Adding a fourth mortar will do the inevitable- it will cause a drop in trophies. Players will become easier to beat on offense since there will be an entire other mortar trying to kill your troops. You will most likely see a drop in the top players’ trophies due to this 4th mortar.

Impact 2: New Base Designs- Usually mortars are the most important defenses so you stick them in the center of your base. Adding a fourth mortar will contribute to a change of base designs since now mortars won’t be triangular, but square. Most people will try to redesign their base so that the mortars make a diamond, square, or rectangle.

Impact 3: Barch Gets Tougher- Just a month after adding level 7 barch, Supercell is going to combat this by adding a 4th mortars. Obviously, mortars are the weakness of barch since mortars do splash damage. As a result, you will start to see an increase in G.A.G. for farming and less barbarians and archers.

Impact 4: Future Added Defenses?- Obviously, dropping a fourth mortars raises some questions about what else Supercell might increase in the game. Will they add a 5th wizard tower and air defenses? There is already 7 archer towers, so will they add a 7th cannon as well? And how about new troops to counter these mortars?

I hope you guys enjoyed the post 4 mortar. If you want to read more about the Halloween update click here or here. Keep checking back for more updates about the update!

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