Halloween Update is OUT!

So Supercell finally answer our prayers and released the new update (there were some technical difficulties, the time kept getting reset). Below I have laid out exactly what changes they have made to the game. Hope you enjoy it as much as I am!

Skeleton Trap- This new trap is unlocked at Town Hall 8. It works similar to a witch; when a troop comes in the radius, 2 skeletons are released that kill your opponent’s troops. At level 2 there are 3 skeletons and at level 3 there are 4 skeletons. You can buy 2 traps at TH8 and TH9, and an additional is available at TH10!

Clan Changes- Supercell has added new clan settings that include war frequency, a war “tag”, and the locations of your clan. You can now find clans easier by searching the clan tag. However, you can also search clans by war frequency, location, member count, and your clan points. Also added is an increased character clan description.

4th Mortar- Supercell has added a fourth mortar in the game! This mortar can be built at TH8, and upgraded just like all the other mortars. This will change many base designs especially for those at Town Hall 8. You will start to see a decrease in trophy count.

Boost Updates- Now you can boosts all of the same building with one click. For example, if you want to boost all your gold mines, click on a gold mine, then hit the Boost All button. Also, no longer will you lose a boost when there is a maintenance break. You can pause your barrack boosts when a maintenance break comes out.

Halloween is Here- To celebrate Halloween, Supercell now lets you boost your spell factory for just one gem! Take advantage while you can! Also they have redesigned all the obstacles to make them more spooky. A new obstacle is also out- the Halloween Headstone! This costs 25K elixir to remove, but earns you 75K from removing.

Loot Increase- A much needed win bonus was added. You now have an increased win bonus through multiplayer battles. Although it isn’t a lot it still helps a ton! Read more about it later today. Also Supercell updated clan war loot. Even if you lose your war, you will still get a decent fraction of what you should have earned. You can also boost you pumps, mines, and drills for less gems now!

Other Improvements- There is now an updated player profile so you can view what troops and heroes have been unlocked. This makes clan rejecting much easier. Supercell decreased the time to remove obstacles as well, to make it easier to get those gems!

Enjoy the update guys! Keep checking back here for more updates about the update! More about the 4th mortar here.

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