Boosting Barracks

Background- Today we are going to talk about the topic of boosting barracks and how it can help significantly.  So starting off most of you know that if you spend 10 gems to boost your barrack, it speeds up the training time 4x (same with spell factory).  Therefore if you boost all of your barracks then you can pump out troops with ease.  Now if you start thinking about it, boosting your barracks could give you 4x+ the raids per hour.  So lets get into the statistical data.

Statistics- So for all of those farmers out there, take a close look.  So say you are using the BARCH strategy to farm on inactive bases and you raid once every 20 minutes tp find an inactive base in 5 minutes for 200k/200k resources.  So, now if you boost your barracks for 2 hours, go and find a inactive base, raid it, get your loot, come back and your troops are already finished training and ready to go again (always have troops training while boosting) So let’s say you constantly raid inactive bases for 2 hours consistently finding 200k/200k bases. So that’s 12 raids per hour, 200k/200k on each, which equals 2.4 million gold and 2.4 million elixir PER HOUR.

Superstitions-  Many of you most likely have your superstitions that loot is remarkably better in a certain time of the day (good loot for me is found 5-10pm), then it would be in your best interests to boost your barracks that time of the day.


-More loot or trophies (also works for pushing) in a significantly less amount of time

-4x Troop training

-Efficient and quick

-When pushing, boosting barracks gives you 4 raids compared to one, allowing faster trophy gain in less time


-Lots of gems spent if used frequently

-Only should be used if you have 5 builders

-Might not want to raid for 2 hours, psychologically your gems are wasted

Conclusion- In the end, you do not have to boost your barracks daily, however I strongly advise that you do it every once in a while, in case you are running low on resources and need that last upgrade, and to take 2 hours or less and spend those 40 gems.  You will be glad you did in the end.

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