Road to Maxing TH8 (Defenses)

Today, I met a lifelong goal of mine- to completely max Town Hall 8! To celebrate my accomplishment, I will be sharing how YOU should max TH8 as well. What should be upgraded first and what should be upgraded last? First off you should even all your new buildings with your existing buildings. After that you should upgrade:

Mortars to 6- Mortars should be the first thing you upgrade at any Town Hall level. They are cheap and deal out great splash damage to the barch army.

Cannons to 9- These guys are cheap, an easy 800k to upgrade. Its good to do in between mortars if you don’t want 2 mortars upgrading at the same time.

Wizard Towers to 5- With the added purple spirals you can scare opponents easily. Just like mortars, upgrading this cut down barch raids.

Archer Towers to 9- This is an easy upgrade to do since archer towers are relatively cheap. This will stop air attacks before your air defense goes to level 6.

Air Defense to 6- This upgrade will help your clan in war tons. Say goodbye to being mass dragged, since level 6 air defense can stop them in their tracks.

Cannons to 10- Just like with mortars, you should upgrade these cannons, if you don’t want more than one air defense upgrading at a time. The total gold is an added bonus!

Teslas to 4- Finally time to upgrade teslas. These are expensive so its best to save them for the end. They also take a while to upgrade, so sit back and relax.

Wizard Towers to 6- The solid pink-purple will scare your opponents out of their mind. The guys can kill almost anything, but the u are expensive , which is why they are upgrade at the end.

Teslas to 5- Gold, gold, gold! Your cannons and now your teslas are gold. Once again, these aren’t cheap and come with quite a waiting time.

Archer Towers to 10- So close to finished! You are at the home stretch of maxing. This upgrade adds a bit of gold to your archer towers which allows it to shut down balloonion.

Teslas to 6- The final, final thing. 3 million a pop and a solid 14 day upgrading time. Just enough time for you to save up 3 million gold and get your Town hall upgrading!

Note: Upgrade you walls in between every building upgrade. I find it best to do a section after I finish upgrading, for example, all my cannons to 10. Repeat and you will find your self to have all level 8 walls by the time your upgrade.

How to Max TH8: Elixir Upgrades | Troops

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10 thoughts on “Road to Maxing TH8 (Defenses)

  1. I actually started with making all new defenses to th7 level and then upgraded AD’s to level 6 straight away (for clan wars)… i found it convenient instead of getting scary pink wiz towers because i kept getting failed raids by th7 noobs before th9 could get to me, which is basically a constant shield for me!! Also it got my anti-air defense up high enough to get only 1-2 starred by most th8 opponents in CW without all the other upgrades.

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  2. I think you should have 1 builder of air defence, 2nd builder for mortars, 3rd builder for telsas and if you have a 4th builder use it on wizard towers. Then archer towers and cannons last. This is just my order but but I like yours.


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