Road to Maxing TH8 (Troops)

Like I said last post: I finally hit a lifelong goal of mine; to completely max Town Hall 8. Last post, I covered the order to go for defenses, now I will tell you the order in which you should upgrade your troops (valkyries and golems excluded), assuming all your troops are maxed from TH7.

1. Archers to 5- This is definitely the most important upgrade to do. Archers are used all the time, pushing, farming, or war, and are used by everyone!

2. Barbarians to 5- If you use barch for farming (which the majority of players do), upgrade these fellows quickly. They are the meat shield to your archers and need hit-points.

3. Giants to 5- This upgrade just needs to happen. When I was TH7, I constantly used giants. However, once I got into TH8, I stopped using them. Level 5 giants are still a need.

4. Dragons to 3- At Town Hall 8, one of the few pushing/war strategies you can use is mass drag. This is why it is imperative to upgrade them quickly.

5. Rage Spell to 5- This also goes along with war/pushing. In war, you need level 5 rage spells to go with your level 3 dragons. Rage spells can also help a lot in normal farming.

6. Heal Spell to 5- Heal spell is mostly used for farming with barch or G.A.G. Just like the rage spell, you need to upgrade spells in order to make your troops stronger.

7. Wizards to 5- Wizards to 5 is a great upgrade. Some clans require wizards level 5 to join. Also, many players enjoy having these in war, so donate away!

8. Minions to 3- This mostly preps for the future. Once you hit Town Hall 10, you will be using balloonion A LOT. Also minions are nice gifts in the clan castle.

9. Goblins to 5- If you use G.A.G. I would strongly advise upgrading these earlier. For me however, I rarely use goblins and it was pointless for me to upgrade them.

10. Wall Breakers to 5- Its the same as above. I really didn’t use wall breakers a lot. At TH9, you use them for GoWiWi, but obviously you can’t GoWiWi as a TH8 (unless you have some GREAT clan mates.)

11. Hogs to 3- You might wonder why you didn’t upgrade these before dragons for a good war strategy. The problem is, hogs are a dead strategy. With good bomb placement, you can destroy an attack.

12. Minions to 4- Minions to 4 is a good upgrade because its cheap. At Town Hall 9 and 10, you will need to be upgrading DE troops so its better to upgrade these now.

13. Lightning Spell to 5- I really don’t use any of the troops from here and below. I simply upgraded them because I had nothing else to spend elixir on. Still a lightning spell comes in handy a few times.

14. P.E.K.K.A.s to 3- I truly hate P.E.K.K.A.s. They are completely stupid, and I don’t advise using them. However, some people enjoy them, plus level 3s look really cool.

15. Hogs to 4- Similar to minions, this upgrade has to be done eventually. You can still use hogs, just use them against a tightly-packed base with no room for bombs.

16. Balloons to 5- Do not, do not, do not attempt balloonion with level 5 balloons! The only reason you should upgrade them to 5 is that it gets it closer to the level 6 upgrade.

17. Healers to 3- Healers are really only used at TH6 and TH7 as an OP strategy. There is really no need at all to upgrade them, except that they sure look good in purple.

Good luck with maxing your troops! Look for How to Max TH8 (Elixir Upgrades) tomorrow!

How to Max TH8: Elixir Upgrades | Defenses

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35 thoughts on “Road to Maxing TH8 (Troops)

  1. This is garbage. The most important upgrade is either wiz or golem as they are the backbone to the most effective war attacks. Goho, gowipe, gowiva, golo. Next would be hogs, breakers, valks. Then loons and drags. Archers, barbs, giants, goblins, healers, minions are all just farming units and shouldnt be used in war for anything other than luring the cc.


    • GoWiPe is definitely NOT the best war strategy at TH8! Hogs are the most important for war and who uses valks at any level let alone TH8!


  2. You say balloons are pointless at th8 and use mass drags instead… question?? Have you never heard or seen dragloon?? If you throw 11 drags against a th8 which has 3 air defences even lightning one out your drags will fail. Use a dragloon you will wreak any th8 base…. Seriously anyone reading this should disregard this information as who ever wrote it has no idea how 2 attack on clash of clans!


    • Definitely know of it however when this article was written a year ago, it was not at all a popular strategy, so I stand by what I said AT THE TIME.


  3. This is some very poor advice reading through ….. I use my lvl 3 healer that I got early on with pekka it works a treat better than any heal spell….


  4. Hogs at lvl 4 are way better than drags most of the time depending on the base for war. Also I would upgrade golem to 2 because at th9 you are saving de for queen. Golems are a must for gobo or golaloon which are the best th9 war 3 star attacks, and go wipe which is good for pushing and 2 star attacks.Person who made this is an idiot.

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  5. I use balloonian with level 4 balloons and level 2 minions, and I can still take down fellow town hall 7s very easily. Other than the fact that it takes dark elixir, it’s much cheaper than mass drags.


      • A friend of mine is an absolute master with dragonloonian. Once as a town hall 7, I three stared a town hall 8 with dragonloonian. Triple lightning on one air defense, 12 balloons on another, and dragons on the rest.


  6. You got the first troop right..ab it tho balloons way down at bottom you crazy dude lvls balloons for raids own shit no spells needed when stealing from a th7 and if you are good in wars then you know to go with 4balloons that are lvl5 and 4 more max balloons to go in cc with 9 lvl3 dragons for a dragloon attack for war…sry post hope ppl don’t read this shit and do it lol


    • This is true now…. This post is pretty old, and when I came out with it NOBODY used level 5 loons which is why it is so low.


  7. I USE BALLOONION WITH LEVEL 5 LOONS AND LEVEL 2 MINIONS 2 RAGE 1 HEAL I am very VERY successful farming up in crystal AND in war… Just thought I’d say that


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