Single Player Maps: Kitchen Sink

Hey guys! So over the next 5 days I will be talking about single player maps. This is, in other words, the goblin bases. I will be teaching you how to beat the last 5 and the most effective way to do it. Today, I will cover Kitchen Sink! Kitchen Sink has 400k gold and 400k elixir available.

Troop Composition: For Kitchen Sink the best way to attack it would be to mass-minion. That means, 100 minions, 120 minions, whatever! Minions are the way to go since its an easy army to train but it will do the job, since there are only two air defenses and just a few archer towers. I would bring along all rage spells as well, but hopefully you won’t need them.

How to Attack: First off you should drop your minions right on the air defenses. Drop around 20 or so, just enough to take them out. Then, after the air defenses are destroyed, starting circling minions around the base. This raid shouldn’t really take a lot of skill and you will be able to pick up the 3-star pretty easily. Be weary of the wizard towers however. If lots of minions target those at once, you could be in trouble. If need be, just drop your rage spells. That’s one base down and four to go!

Raid in Pictures:IMG_0389.PNGIMG_0390.PNGIMG_0391.PNGIMG_0394.PNGKitchen Sink is a simple base to beat and doesn’t take much skill. However, as we get into harder bases, you will need skill and might have to spend some resources to train the army. But the loot sure is worth it! Check back in tomorrow to see the Rolling Terror strategy guide.

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