Single Player Maps: Megamansion

Hello again, guys! Yesterday I covered Rolling Terror and today, I’m going to tell you how to beat Megamansion. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, these are the single-player or “goblin” attacks. I will be teaching you how to beat the last 5 and the most effective way to do it. Megamansion has 600k gold and 600k elixir available.

Troop Composition: There is one simple and easy way to overcome Megamansion at that by using is giants, wall breakers, and archers. This is a cheap and easy to train army but it still gets the job done. For 200 troop space use 20 giants, 8 wall breakers, and 84 archers. For 220 space bring 22 giants, 8 wall breakers, and 94 archers. For 240 space use 24 giants, 8 wall breakers, and 104 archers. You should also have a heal spell as well.

How to Attack: First off, use 12 archers to take out both of the wizard towers on the bottom. Remember to spread them in a circle so the wizard towers don’t one shot them. After that, drop your giants by the left archer tower and quickly follow it up by 3 wall breakers. After your giants go inside of the base, drop a heal spell on them. Then destroy the other outside archer towers with 10 archers a piece. Once again, spread them in a circle so they aren’t one-shotted by the mortars. After these go down, circle the rest of your archers around the base and destroy the walls around the mortars with your remaining wall breakers. You should be home free at this point. Another base down and two to go!

Raid in Pictures:

IMG_0412.PNGIMG_0415.PNGIMG_0416.PNGIMG_0417.PNGI hope you guys are ready for the next two bases. You will have to start spending lots of elixir and dark elixir in order to beat them. Don’t worry though, the loot bonus more than makes up for it. See you at P.E.K.K.A.s Playhouse tomorrow!

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