Help Clash with RED!

Recently, Supercell has updated the game for more features. Clash of Clans now supports RED. If you now purchase a $5 pack of gems, make sure not to buy the normal one. Purchase the one that is highlighted red; some proceeds of that goes to help the RED organization. When you do buy that pack, you have the optional feature of displaying a banner on your Town Hall, showing that you donated to RED. If you haven’t noticed already, the game’s icon has changed and now has a reddish color to it to reinforce the connection. This will all end on December 7th.IMG_0422

What is RED?

RED is an organization whose goal is to eliminate HIV/AIDS from Africa. They do this by taking donations to try and find a cure to AIDS. Other apps, not only Clash of Clans have partnered with them to try and eliminate HIV/AIDS. Try one of these apps out to help the cause: Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, FIFA 15, Sims Free Play, etc. Help RED by buying the $5 package now!



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