Gem Contest Coming to a Close!

If you haven’t found out already, Clash for Dummies is sponsoring a free gem give-away! In other words, we will be giving away a $10 iTunes Gift Card to you! All you have to do is enter and win!500k Loot

The contest is simple: get the most loot in a single raid. If you think you got a ton of loot, just send in a picture to with proof that it was you who completed the raid. Keep checking back here to see if you won! Remember, if you get big loot, take a screenshot and send it to Clash on and get the raids coming!500K

Submit soon though….. the contest is coming to a close! The winner will be announced on Wednesday, December 10. I will email you the code of the iTunes (or Google for you Android users) if you are successful. If you don’t have a good raid already, get out there and find one! Take a screenshot and send to us and you could be the winner of $5 of gems!

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