Fake December 2014 Update Rumors

We are all pretty excited about the new December update that will be released within the next 2 weeks. Don’t be fooled by pictures found on Twitter or Google, however. Check the official Clash of Clans twitter, this website or another trusted blog, or one of the popular YouTube channels for real facts. Below are pictures of update hints that aren’t actually true or factual.

IMG_0459.JPGIMG_0460.JPGFalse pictures such as these are edited and NOT posted by true Supercell staff. If you look on the forums, these posts do not actually exist. Remember, when Supercell is about to release a new update, they will post “sneak-peeks”, not all the information at once. If you see any pictures similar to this, disregard it and spread the word to all the other clashers that these posts aren’t to be trusted.

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