Sneak Peek #1 for December Update: Christmas Trees and Live Replays

Finally, finally, finally, Supercell released the first sneak peek for the Clash of Clans December update. The sneak-peek was released after the following tweet:

Obviously, not too long after, Clash of Clans tweeted again mentioning new Christmas trees and asking “are they growing presents?” This might lead on to Christmas trees that actually spawn presents around it, which can then be destroyed giving you a certain amount of elixir/gold.  If these trees do spawn presents I imagine each of the presents to give you between 5,000 and 10,000 of elixir. Last year we had Christmas trees that costs 25,000 gold to remove, but then in turn gave you 75K gold once it was destroyed.


Right when Clash of Clans released this sneak peek, they also posted another glimpse which stated that you could view your village being raided while it was happening. In other words, when ever the “your village is under attack” screen pops up, you can now watch that attack be completed.

These are just the first two of the many sneak-peeks to come. Make sure to check back in daily to see what new features Supercell will be adding in this December update. Comment below what you would like to see.

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