More Loot/Economy Changes in Christmas Update

In the Christmas update, Supercell must have felt that they needed to give us a big gift, and that gift is an increase of loot. The following changes were made with will all allow for more loot to be available during a raid.

1) Upgrading Walls with Elixir is now available only when upgrading Walls to level 9 and higher.
2) New collector level! Gold Mine and Elixir Collector level 12 has been added, available at Town Hall 8.
3) The first Dark Elixir Drill can now be built at Town Hall 7 instead of Town Hall 8.
4) The second Dark Elixir Drill can now be built at Town Hall 8 instead of Town Hall 9.
5) Dark Elixir Drills have had their maximum capacity increased on all levels.
6) Maximum Dark Elixir Drill level is 3 at Town Hall 7 and 8, maximum level 6 at Town Hall 9 and 10.

IMG_0467.PNGWith level 12 collectors and mines, you will see a huge increase in loot when you raid abandoned bases. This is because they hold 50k more of each resources. That’s 600k in total more when you raid someone. Granted, you aren’t going to raid for 600k extra but it will still be a steady increase. Here are the looks of the new mines.

Also, the capacity for DE drills has been increased. Now, when players have full drills, there will be even more dark elixir available inside since it can hold more. DE farming will also improve since there is now a drill unlocked at Town Hall 7 and two drills at Town Hall 8. TH9s and TH10s can now raid these lower Town Hall levels for a decent amount of DE.

Upgrade Collectors and Mines ASAP

Upgrading your gold mines and elixir collectors is a priority now. Every day a level 12 mine 12,000 makes more gold than a level 11 mine would. That would equal 84,000 more a week, 360,000 more a month, and 4,320,00 more a year. Overall, if you waited a month to upgrade all of your mines and collectors, you would miss out 4,320,000 resources just from upgrading your mines and collectors one level. For Town Hall 7s and Town Hall 8s, needless to say, building and upgrading your new drill(s), is a must! Earning DE at a low Town Hall level will help you greatly later on.

IMG_1407Let’s get the loot rolling again! Good luck finding some major resources to raid from and enjoy the amazing new update!

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