Christmas Update is OUT!

IMG_1456.JPGA new update is always great and today we got a new update. Below are all the changes Supercell have made to the game. Enjoy it!

Layout Editor- This is the biggest change Supercell added in the latest update. Ever want more than one base saved at a time? Now you can save three different bases, completed or unfinished, on both your home village and your war base. This makes switching between farming and pushing much easier. Also find that a war base works well in one war, but not another. Change between the two with ease.

Troop Changes- Level 7 giants are now available at Town Hall 10 and a level 8 laboratory. These feature gold armor around the shoulders. Also the Barbarian King and Archer Queen now have green bars that change to red when they take damage. Supercell removed the stars that told what level a troop was and replaced it with a number in a black box. When that troop/spell is maxed the box changes to gold.

Combat Balancing- There were huge changes to both of the “towers”, Inferno and Archer. The archer tower now shoots twice as fast, but only does 1/2 the damage per arrow. This means level 7 archers can be one shot by level 13 archer towers in one half the time. The Inferno Tower can shoot longer on the same amount of Dark Elixir now. Also lots of buildings received more hitpoints, but army camps’ hitpoints were decreased.

Increased Loot- Finally, finally, finally there will be more loot to raid for in an attack. This is due to lots of new factors. There are now level 12 mines and collectors which will greatly increase the loot you can raid from abandoned bases. Also, there is now a drill available at Town Hall 7 and 2 that you can buy at Town Hall 8. Dark Elixir Drills also have an increased capacity making Dark Elixir raiding much easier.

Cooler Clans- Supercell added a few simple clan changes. Now, instead of having your clan spammed by “Request to Join”, you can only have 10 in your clan chat at a time. They also added a local clan leaderboard. The “local”, unfortunately, is your entire country. It makes it lots easier to reach the leaderboards to bring glory to your clan.

Please enjoy the update and keep checking back here for more update announcements. The free gems winner will be announced on Saturday, December 13 due to this update.

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