New Year, New Updates in 2015

As we venture into the year of 2015, we have to consider: what will Supercell be adding to Clash of Clans this year? We had a great update session last year, with Clan Wars being the biggest new add-on. What will 2015 hold? I’ve listed what I believe would be great update features to add.

Town Hall 11- Town Hall 11 will be released this year. Town Hall 10 came out more than a year ago and Supercell knows they need to add new content to the upper-level players or they will get bored. Maybe a new tower or a new troop comes with TH11 as well. You can expect it to be electric blue or something similar as a colorway.

New Single Player Maps- This will be long overdue. The 50 single-player or goblin maps are way too easy for someone with completely maxed troops to beat. Most likely, Supercell will add 25 new levels which will offer even more loot than before. The last few levels will be nearly impossible to beat.

League Chat- Leagues often seem pointless. The shield is cool, but there is no purpose to the “members” of  your league. Supercell knows this and will add something to make leagues more exciting. It might be a chat, or it might be something else unexpected like a league war.

Level 7 Dark Troop- The Lava Hound was the latest dark troop released in October. I’m willing to bet that Supercell released the seventh dark troop in the December update. Since it will be in the winter, I could see it being an elf or another December/winter related troop.

War Opt-Out- This is a major issue and Supercell has been hearing complaints across the globe. Some people don’t want to be in a war since they are farming hard or pushing and can’t be bothered. They don’t want to leave the clan, so they have to suck it up and participate. A simple button would allow them to not be in the war.

New League- More and more people are shooting up in trophies, so many that there is now an abundance above 3200, or the current Champion league. I believe that by late next year there will be a desperate need for another league above 3,800 or 4,000 trophies; maybe called Elite or something along those lines.

Easier “Next” Button- There has been a time in every clasher’s career where they have hit the “Next” button for more than 10 minutes looking for a raid. It beyond boring looking for loot or maybe someone you can beat, so Supercell needs to implement an easier way to find a match.

These are just a few ideas I had about what should be added in this coming year. If you have any other ideas, feel free to comment below!

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5 thoughts on “New Year, New Updates in 2015

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