How to Protect your Dark Elixir Against Lightning Spells

Ever have the awful problem of someone sniping your Town Hall then dropping, 1, 2, 3, or more lightning spells right on your Dark Elixir storage? Keep in mind, there is no foolproof way to prevent people from zapping your DE.I’m here to tell you the best ways to avoid this happening.


Trophy Range and Base Design

So first off you need to be in the correct trophy range. The time you are most likely to be zapped for your Dark Elixir is in Gold where everyone is farming. Therefore, I recommend staying between 800-1200 trophies or above 2400. In these places, more people who raid you will be going for trophies and not resources.

You might think putting your Town Hall outside your walls is actually better. However, most people will take the easy snipe then (since they got the win already) drop a couple lightning spells right on your DE storage.  You can prevent this by creating a pushing base. Be warned: some people will go all out to try and get your Dark Elixir still.

Upgrade Dark Elixir Storage

This one has a basic concept. The higher you upgrade your DE storage the more hit-points it has. Therefore, when someone lightning spells your DE they wont get as much since the spells won’t do as much damage to the building.

Training Dark Troops

This is a clever way to hide your Dark Elixir. Before you log off the game, make sure your army camps are full. Then, in your dark barracks, queue up the troops that cost the most Dark Elixir. Here’s a chart to explain better:

Level 1 Dark Barracks: 20 minions

Level 2 DB: 10 hogs

Level 3 DB: 7 valkyries, 2 minions

Level 4 DB: 2 golems, 1 valkyrie, 1 minion

Level 5 DB: 6 witches, 1 valkyrie

Level 6 DB: 7 witches, 1 hog


If you do this for both your barracks, you can be hiding away quite a bit of Dark Elixir. For 2 level 6 dark barracks with max troop levels, this adds up to 2515 Dark Elixir that wont be sitting in your storage. It will be hidden away impossible to get in your barracks.

Well that’s it guys! I hope you enjoyed and use these methods to protect your Dark Elixir better. Hope you don’t get zapped and clash on!

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