TH9 Farming Base- “The Punisher”

Welcome to the very first of the “Top Bases’ series. I will be giving you some of the best farming, war, and pushing bases I can find for Town Hall 6s, Town Hall 7s, Town Hall 8s, Town Hall 9s, and Town Hall 10s. If you would like to see a specific king of base, comment below. Today, I have “the Punisher”, a TH9 farming base.

TH9 Farming Base Skeleton:

TH9 Farming Base

TH9 Farming Base Complete:

TH9 Farming Base Full

There you have it folks! “The Punisher”, a Town Hall 9 farming design. If you want to see a type of base comment below. If you have a great base plan, email me at and you might be featured!

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