Clash News Hub- Get the Lastest Info in the Game

Hey guys! If  you haven’t heard about it already, there is a new site in the Clash of Clans community- Clash News Hub. They have two sections- a website and a YouTube channel. The Website The site is geared primarily towards forums. It is very similar to the Supercell forums except it is a lot less strict. Its a more relaxed community and its a lot more difficult to be banned! Sign up for an account and start some new threads!

The YouTube Coming soon will be a YouTube channel, which I think will be the star of this site! It is geared towards a news broadcast which will be “televising” the following things:

  • Latest loot “forecasts”
  • Clash of Clans upcoming updates
  • YouTube and Twitter happenings
  • Other Clash news

Once again, I stress that this is the much better alternative to the Supercell forums. This members are friendlier, and less strict, and you will be less likely to be banned. Here’s the link and go get posting!

Clash News Hub

Make sure to check back here tomorrow for the latest update news as well. First sneak peek will be dropping tomorrow!

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