Level 13 Cannon Released in February Update 2015

So the first Clash of Clans sneak peek was this morning and it has shown us that Cannons level 13 will be being added on to the game by Supercell.

This cannon looks SWEET in my opinion. It is fiery red, gold, and black with lava pouring out of it. Here what it will look like:

Level 13 Cannon

Now presumably this level cannon will be unlocked at Town Hall 10. However, it could be TH11, if they add it this update, which most likely they will not. The level 13 cannon now matches the level 13 archer tower perfectly! Also, my guess is that the level 12 cannon cost will be reduced to 6 million gold, if this costs 8 million. The new cannon level is going to be strong on defense obviously. It is a nerf against:

  • Barch (Barb can be one-shotted)
  • GoWiWi (Easier to kill Golems)
  • Hogs (Hogs can be two-shotted)

Usually with all sneak peeks, a corresponding one comes in the forums. The forums sneak-peek was that healers no longer trigger air mines. Kind of small, but we will take what we can get!

TH10’s you’re gonna love this one! Danger for anyone attacking though! Keep checking back here for more updates to the update!

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