Top Clash of Clans YouTubers

Hey guys! So I thought it would be pretty cool to show you guys who the top Clash of Clans YouTubers are. I will be naming every YouTuber that is above 100k subscribers, rounding to the nearest 10 thousand. I think we all know who number one is:

1. Chief Pat Chief Pat- 1,300,000 subscribers!

2. Godson Godson- 830,000 subscribers!

3.  Noteworthy Games Noteworthy Games- 520,000 subscribers!

4. Galadon Galadon- 460,000 subscribers!

5. The Alvaro 425 The Alvaro 845- 420,000 subscribers!

6.  NickatNyte Nickatnyte- 320,000 subscribers!

7. Molt Molt- 300,000 subscribers!

8. Clash of Comedy Clash of Comedy- 250,000 subscribers!

9. Clash with Cam Clash with Cam- 250,000 subscribers!

10. Daddy Daddy- 230,000 subscribers!

11. BjCanDive BjCanDive- 210,000 subscribers!

12. Havoc Havoc Gaming- 170,000 subscribers!

13. jRod jRod- 150,000 subscribers!

14. Clash of Clans 101 Clash of Clans 101- 140,000 subscribers!

15. WiteLightingHWD WiteLightingHWD- 120,000 subscribers!

16. MaddenDvinik MaddenDvinik- 100,000 subscribers!

17. Tobi Kaiser Tobi Kaiser- 100,000 subscribers!

Honorable Mentions (Great channels but don’t have 100k): JewishLewish, Low Bunkey, TBOT

Now these are just the ones above 100k again. Make sure to check out their channels! There are hundreds of other GREAT YouTubers that don’t have as many subscribers. These guys work hard to spread the word of Clash! See you tomorrow for the update (hopefully).

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