The February Update is OUT!

Yes, a new update! This update mainly featured clan changes but a few other great features have been added as well. Here is a list of what was all added.

Level 13 Cannon- The cannons got a huge upgrade with level 13s being added. They now match archer towers in level. They are lava red, gold, and black! Check it out:

Level 13 Cannon

Clan XP- Clans can now level up! You gain clan XP by winning clan wars, the bigger the war, the more XP! When you do level up your clan, it unlocks clan perks and new clan badges. You can view your XP Level under your clan shield.

Customize Clan Badges- Yes, now you can be unique and create a great clan badge that represents you and your clan. There are more designs than ever before!


Clan Perks- These clan perks come from leveling up your clan. Level up your clan and you can unlock a shorter request time, donation refunds, a donation limit increase, and donation troops upgrade.

Clan War Opt-Out- Yes, the most wanted feature in this update. You can now choose if you want to opt-out of war or not. However, it is ultimately up to the leader to decide if you are in war. The leader will take your preference into account, but they can put you in even if you don’t want to be.

Other Changes- Some of the smaller changes are healers are no longer affected by air traps and Clan Castle troops can’t be prevented by obstacles.

Well, to sum it up, a  great update in my eyes! It added great features to clans instead of just adding levels to defense or buildings in general. Keep checking back here for more posts!

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