How the February Update Changed Clan Wars

Hey once again folks! In the latest update, Supercell added a clan war opt-out button to Clash of Clans, but there were other changes to war as well!

Clan War Opt-Out

So obviously the clan war opt-out button was huge! If you were saving for a big upgrade and didn’t want to go to war you could say that you didn’t want to. However, the leader still has ultimate say and could opt you back in. So this is how the button works:

1. Click on your profile (the “i” by your XP bar)

2. Click the Clan Wars button in the top left

3. Choose “I’m Out” or “I’m In”

4. This will be set and when the Clan Leader goes to choose the war members, it will show you don’t want to participate.

So this was the biggest add-on obviously, since you no longer have to kick inactive or rushed members who you don’t want in war- you can just opt them out. Also, if you have 50 members in your clan, but only want a 25 person war you can opt-out the appropriate number of people. You can choose exactly who you want in your war!

Clan XP Gained through Wars

So we all know that clans can now be leveled up in the game. But how exactly do you level up your clan? You increase your XP through clan wars, however, it takes quite a lot of wars to level up. Here’s how you can gain experience:

  • Winning the war (obviously), the bigger the war, the more XP
  • Defeating enemy bases
  • Attacking all available bases

So, by participating in wars, you level up your clan and unlock a bunch of cool features, such as Clan Perks and new badge designs.

Appearance Changes

So along with the major changes above, Supercell also added some new features. You can now see who will be in the war when you search for a match. Also when watching replays of an attack it shows the attacker’s and defender’s rank in war. These are just a few small, but great updates!

That’s all guys! Keep checking back here to read more great posts! Clash on!

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