Unannounced Changes in the Update

We all know the major features of the February update by now. But how about the small changes that Supercell didn’t mention in the update list?

Every update Supercell releases a few small, almost unnoticeable changes to the game. It takes an expert eye to catch them all, someone who knows the game well. Luckily, that’s me! So far I’ve spotted 5 unannounced changes in this update.

The Changes

  • X-Bow glitch is finally fixed!
  • War replays show player rank
  • Dragon breath has become thicker
  • Box around the slow connection sign
  • Attack/Defense Log now features the amount of troops attacked with

Yes! So finally the X-Bow glitch was fixed! No more looning or dragging with some unexpected surprises! War has some increased stats as now you can tell the number of the players in the replay. Dragons look a ton more powerful with more fire stored up! Anyways, keep looking for more, and if you find one let me know!

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