TH8 Farming Base- “The Clover”

So in the third base of our base designs, we finally have for you a TH8 farming base! That’s right, a TH8 farming base! It defends your DE extremely well, as well as having the option to guard your TH with your King. The 4 mortars are all spread out and have all coverage. Enjoy!

TH8 Farming Base Skeleton:

TH8 Farming BaseTH8 Farming Base Complete:

TH8 Farming Base Full That’s it guys! Your very first Town Hall 8 farming base. If you want to see any other bases, TH level; farm, push, or war, comment below, the type you would like to see. The second sneak peek for the upcoming feature: Virginia. That’s it for now guys! Clash on!

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