Main Pillars to Winning Clan Wars

What’s up guys! STL here, talking about the main points of success you need to win a Clan War. These “pillars” are essential to winning wars over and over again. Talk to any war clans that have 50+ wins and they will tell you the same thing- All of the pillars mentioned here are key to winning! So lets get to it!

Clan Communication

Of all the pillars listed here, I think this is by far the most important. Clan communication is absolutely necessary to win wars. Think about how hard it would be without clan chat. The following items need to be clarified between your clan mates.

  • What troops are donated to war castles
  • Who is attacking who
  • What strategies are going to be used

To go even a step further with communication, I would recommend getting an app such as Kik or WhatsApp. This will be easier for your clan to communicate and plan the war.

Mature Bases

The easiest, easiest way to win a clan war is from defending enemy attacks. Having mature and maxed bases are how you can get those defensive wins. Here are my guidelines for Town Hall levels:

TH7- Level 50+

TH8- Level 65+

TH9- Level 80+

TH10- Level 100+

This will ensure that you have well-upgraded Town Halls in your clan and not rushers. What’s easier to beat than a rushed TH9?

Loyal and Active Players

This is a must in any clan no matter if you have Clan Wars or not. However, if you have loyal players now you can probably guess that their attacks will be good and well-thought out. They will want to win for their clan! Being active is pretty obvious- you need to have active members to attack for stars, since stars win you wars. But make sure your clan-mates are loyal and won’t leave halfway through the war, with both attacks unused.

A Drive to Win

The only way to ever win a Clan War is to WANT to win. You need to really want it- train your best troops for donating and best strategies for attacking. Your clan-mates need to know how important it is to win this war; for the Clan XP, the bonus loot, and just to help the clan overall. Remember, use Clan Wars to bond the clan together, and get them pumped up about war. If they don’t care, you won’t win!

Well that’s it folks! Tell me if you have any more pillars in the comments below and state your war record while you are at it! See you later.

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