Barch Madness Coming to Clash for Dummies

I know all you basketball fans know what “March Madness” is! But what is Barch Madness?


Barch Madness is a bracket featuring the 16 troops in the game. They will be seeded from 1-16. You might be thinking- “How is an archer versus a P.E.K.K.A. a fair matchup? Well, each troop will be able to take up 100 space. That way it will be a lot more fair! 100 archers versus 4 P.E.K.K.A.s for example.

YOU Get to Vote on the Winners

Another great feature: YOU get to vote on who wins. You can choose the upset and say 100 goblins will beat 8 witches. That’s what is fun! YOU get to choose, so make sure to check back everyday to vote on the winner of that game.

Free Gems!!

The best part of March Madness is making your bracket! In that case, you will make a bracket and email it to or just tweet it at us @clashfordummies. Whoever has the best bracket at the end of Barch Madness will win a free $10 iTunes GC. Just make sure you vote on who you have winning!

Starts: Selection Sunday

The seeds will be announced on Sunday. Then you can start making your brackets! Make sure to have them into me by Thursday since we will be mirroring the real March Madness as closely as possible. I’ll be doing a live picking on Twitter, so make sure to follow me! @clashfordummies Can’t wait for this to start! Make sure to fill in your bracket, and keep checking back to see who won! (There will be an easy to fill out bracket)

14 thoughts on “Barch Madness Coming to Clash for Dummies

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