Correctly Pairing Spells and Troops

What spells should be used with which troops? In this guide, I will be outlining what spells work the best which each troop. Hopefully, this can help you guys concoct some new strategies!

Barbarians: Lightning Spells, Rage Spells

Archers: Lightning Spells, Heal Spells

Giants: Heal Spells, Rage Spells

Goblins: Rage Spells, Jump Spells

Wall Breakers: Heal Spells, Rage Spells

Balloons: Rage Spells, Freeze Spells

Wizards: Heal Spells, Rage Spells

Healers: Lightning Spells, Rage Spells

Dragons: Heal Spells, Rage Spells

P.E.K.K.A.s: Rage Spells, Jump Spells

Minions: Rage Spells, Freeze Spells

Hog Riders: Heal Spells, Rage Spells

Valkyries: Rage Spells, Jump Spells

Golems: Jump Spells, Freeze Spells

Witches: Rage Spells, Jump Spells

Lava Hounds: Rage Spells, Freeze Spells

Sorry for all the mixed colors! Tell me in the comments if you agree or disagree with these selections. In case you are wondering, here are the total number of times each spell was mentioned:

LS: 3, HS: 6, RS: 14, JS: 5, FS: 4

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