How to Create the Ultimate Farming Base

Farming is the basic aspect of this game- its how you get the most resources and then upgrade your buildings when you do save enough. This guide will show you exactly how to create the perfect farming base to protect all of your loot!


Creating the ultimate farming base for any Town Hall level means having a definite checklist that you need to complete.

  • Exposed Town Hall
  • Centralized and Spread-out Storages
  • Mortars Covering the Entire Base

These are the most basic of rules to create an epic farming base. These are musts if you want to protect your resources!

The Core

The core of your base needs to hold your most important buildings. That means the Clan Castles, heroes, and DE Storage. Don’t put your gold and elixir storages in the core; that will make it condensed and therefore, easy to get to once they breach the center of your base. If you are TH9 or TH10, your X-Bows and/or Infernos are also smart to be in the center.

The Surrounding Layer

The next part is the buildings and walls that surround the core of your base. This needs to be well defended, since you don’t want them breaching the core. Here is where I would put the wizard towers, mortars, and air defense to defend. Make sure they are spread out in order to cover the bulk of your base. Also, this is the layer I would put my storages in. Since it wraps around the core, the storages will be spread out and, then it would be difficult for an attacker to take them all.

The Bunker

The bunker is what I like to refer to as the outside of your base, but still protected by walls. This is where your archer towers and cannons should be placed. This allows for the point defenses to quickly shoot down barbarians and archers that are trying to reach your storages.

The Outside

This is where all your other buildings go- gold mines, elixir collectors, barracks, etc. Make sure your TH is well off in a corner, not covered by any defenses. Don’t put teslas guarding it either! Place your leftover buildings around your base, so that each one protects your walls and your bunker. Doing this will let your archer towers and cannons pick off the troops while they snipe the outside buildings.

That’s it guys! If you want to see some designs of some “Ultimate Farming Bases”, click here. See you later!

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