Advanced Guide to Wall Placement

Having good wall placement can be the key to winning many defenses. If you implicate advanced wall design into your base it will become nearly impossible for wall breakers to total your village. Here’s some common mistakes in wall designing and a solution to fix them.

Error: The error here is that wall-breakers can break double layers of walls due to the splash-damage. Therefore, the attacker requires minimal troops in order to break into your inner layer.

Solution: The solution to this is to not put your walls touching each other. Instead, leave a space between the two layers. This will require double the wall-breakers to breach the compartment.

Error: This error is very common and is sometimes used on purpose to funnel troops away from the Town Hall. However, it allows the opposing army to not have to break open a wall, and instead just walk straight through.


Solution: Now, you want to close the gap, but putting the walls in an “X”, makes it far too easy for 2-3 wall breakers to get through. Instead, stagger the walls, so that the attacker has to get through 2 walls in order to open all the compartments.


Error: This error is huge! The problem here is that all 4 buildings can be destroyed by taking out the middle wall. The troops will then have a funnel into which they can destroy all those buildings.

Solution: Just like with fixing the previous error, you should stagger your walls. Now, if you break through one wall, it only gives the opponent access to two compartments. They would have to break another to access the other ones.

These are just a few common errors seen in base design. Check your base; if you have any change it around! Tell me if I missed any other errors that are often seen. See you all later!

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