x0.5 Replay Speed in Next Update?!

What’s up guys! You read the title right, there might have been an unintentional sneak-peek by Supercell. First off, I want to thank Bert for finding this, you can check out his channel here. This “sneak-peek” is a x0.5 speed in the replays.

So, as you might know, Supercell put together a live Clash tournament this weekend. In the stream, Galadon and Chief Pat would go over raids. During one of these raids, they slipped and accidentally pressed the 4x one too many times, which took it to the .5x speed. But, don’t take it from me, here’s some proof:

Live Stream .05x

So this is live from the Finnish Clash Tournament. As you can see in the bottom right hand corner, it very clearly says 0.5x speed where it should only say either 1x, 2x, or 4x. Now, obviously, this hasn’t been released, so is it a feature that they were testing out? Or did they do it on purpose, to see if anyone would catch it? Well, at least it didn’t go unnoticed!

What you guys think? Is this an intro to the April Update? Was it on purpose or on accident? Tell what you think in the comments below!

8 thoughts on “x0.5 Replay Speed in Next Update?!

  1. I would really like to see this, but included in a bigger update, possibly for town hall 11. Im only a level 80, but i’d like tonsee others have a town hall 11


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