Pushing at 4000 Trophies

We all want to go to 4000 cups but not everyone can get there! Hitting Champion, much less 4k trophies is a huge accomplishment! I can’t do it myself so I talked to a few guys who have!

This post will detail what exactly it is like up at 4,000 trophies!

So I asked a couple people who have been above 4000 trophies a few question about life up there. (Thanks ClearlyConfused and Ash). Here’s a few of the basic details about how hard it is to push at 4K!

Strategies Used

So the three main strategies used at 4k+ trophies are LaLoonion, GoWiWi, and GoWiPe. These strategies are often used to achieve two stars in a raid, and you want maximum trophies!

Finding a Match

You have long heard about the infamous clouding at high trophy counts. Well up above 4,000 trophies it takes 5-8 minutes just to FIND someone to attack! This is just constantly staring at clouds. However, once you pass 3,600 trophies, clan chat is actually available to you while raiding. This is to prevent extreme boredom! Here’s a pic:

Cloud Chat

Trophy Offers

Not to a surprise, trophy offers are EXTREMELY limited once you reach Champion. Just imagine 800 trophies higher! Up at 4K, a high percentage of trophies available are only 1-3. It takes more than an hour to find a offering for 15+ cups. If you lose a raid, there goes 30+ trophies!

Going on Defense

Defensive wins can pull you up in trophies in Master and low Champs, but at 4K, you are more concerned about preventing the 2-star. As soon as you lock your device, you are raided. That means no bathroom breaks!

How Good is Loot?

If you could farm anywhere it would be at 4,000+ trophies! The loot here is insane! If you think about it, most of the bases are maxed, so they have no need for resources. That translates into full storages AND full collectors. If you want to find a 1,000,000 resource raid, 4K is the place to be!

So, this was just a brief post about what pushing at 4,000 trophies is like. If you want to see for yourself, try it out! Just be prepared to spend a whole lot of gems!


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