Clash of Clans Free Gems Hack, Glitch, Cheat?

We all know about the Clash of Clans free gem hack tool where you have to answer a survey into to “get free gems and resources”. I’m here today to tell you about any “Free Gems Glitch” that you might come across and how you should deal with it.

Clash of Clans Free Gems Hack- What are They?

Basically, Clash of Clans hack tool promise you free gems and resources as long as you complete a survey. When I was a new player, I tried this all the time, only to find out that it never worked! That’s the point; these hacks promise you free gems but never actually give them to you. They only want your answers to a survey. Here’s a picture of an example one:

Clash of Clans Free Gem Hack Glitch

The homescreen of the free gems hack

Clash of Clans Free Gems Hack Glitch Survey

A survey it ask you to complete

Clash of Clans Free Gems Hack- How to Cope

Basically, you shouldn’t even search up free gems. These are ALL scams; there is no way to actually hack Clash of Clans and give you all the resources that you want for free. These are all just a scam, so avoid ever visiting the website or even Googling it. Its a complete waste of time so don’t even venture into it.

How to Really Get Free Gems

Now there are some ways to get free gems without a hack. Here at Clash for Dummies we sometimes have giveaway through the website, and through our twitter. Now these “gems” are just iTunes gift cards but those can be easily redeemed to be turned into gems. Big Clash of Clans YouTubers will often have gem giveaways too. We will have some on our brand new YouTube channel as well.



So there you are fellow Clashers! The truth about these Free Gems hack tools. Thanks for reading, and this is STL signing off!

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