Best TH9 War Base Design for 2015!

We all need that perfect war base design for TH9, whether it is anti-air or anti-GoWiPe. Your war base needs to be anti-everything, in fact! Defending a three star at Town Hall 9 is extremely important for your clan in war. However, when you are a Town Hall 9 there are two main strategies you need to be worried about defending against: Anti-LavaLoonion and Anti-GoWiPe.

TH9 War Base Anti-LavaLoonion

LavaLoonion is probably the most popular war attack against Town Hall 9s. Therefore, you have GOT to know how to defend against it! The best way to counter this attack strategy is to have X-Bows pointed at the air and to have spread out AD, but centralized. Your air sweeper should also be positioned so that it points towards the weakest side of your base. A centralized Clan Castle is also a must. Skeleton traps set to air can melt through balloons that venture into the core. Here’s a picture of my anti-LavaLoonion base:

TH9 War Base Anti LavaLoonion with Air Sweeper TH9 War Base Anti LavaLoonion with Air Sweeper

TH9 War Base Anti-GoWiPe

While LavaLoonion is primarily used for three starring bases, GoWiPe can come in clutch if you just want the two star. It is a far more reliable two star strategy than LavaLoonion and you need to know how to defend against it. Obviously, set your X-Bows to Ground Mode, since there will be no air troops. You should place your bombs towards the middle of the base. That way you can blow up some trailing wizards. Also you should make a base so that the golems will head around the outside, instead of going into the core, where the TH and the second star lurk. Here’s my base for an Anti-GoWiPe:

TH9 War Base Anti-GoWiPe Air Sweeper 2015TH9 War Base Anti GoWiPe with Air Sweeper  
So that’s gonna do it for the Best TH9 War Design for TH9. Try designing your own base, using these guidelines or design your own! If you do make your own, tweet it at me or email your base design.

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