Pros and Cons of the New Matchmaking!

So we all know Clash of Clans added new matchmaking in the April 2015 update? It’s been a while, but I’ve really gotten used to it at this point! So today, I’ve decided to reflect on this matchmaking and decide whether or not it is good overall for low TH farming, high TH farming, low TH pushing, and high TH pushing.

TH7 and Below Farming

So basically what the new matchmaking does is find more Town Hall levels closer to you. That way if you are TH7  you are more likely to find a fellow TH7. The thing is that isn’t always good. You want to find TH7s and 8s that you can take out with a collector raid. So finding more TH6s is going to hurt you but it will also let you find more Town Hall 7s as well.

Overall Grade: Sightly Improved

TH8 and Above Farming

This is the main reason why Clash of Clans changed the matchmaking system. Loot was terrible at Town Hall 9 and even worse at TH10. After changing up the matchmaking, its easier to find your own Town Hall level, not TH7s who happen to be in the same league as you. We all know that TH10s can’t get any loot off Town Hall 7s so this is why Clash had to change it.

Overall Grade: Greatly Improved

TH7 and Below Pushing

You might think that pushing has gotten easier for lower Town Halls since they get to attack other low Town Hall levels. This is completely true, but the fact is that there aren’t a lot of TH6s and 7s up in master. That means the new matchmaking pulls fellow low level Town Halls from crystal for these TH7s to attack. However, that only means a SINGLE trophy for a three star. Since TH7s won’t see as many TH9s for 30 cups, its actually hurt pushing for lower Town Hall levels.

Overall Grade: Greatly Diminshed

TH8 and Above Pushing

So since you find the same Town Halls are you, there isn’t much of beating Town Hall 7s or lower anymore. Instead you need to rely on actually skill beating your same THs or ones of higher rank. Now, high level pushing is actually based on skill, not bullying lower Town Hall levels. I believed its a necessary changes, but overall it has become a bit more difficult to push.

Overall Grade: Slightly Dimished

I hope you guys enjoyed that walkthrough! So basically, its become easier to farm, but harder to push. I think that is the goal of Clash of Clans so that pushing gets pulled back a bit. The first player to 5000 is approaching quick, but at that high of a level the new matchmaking won’t matter since its only TH10s! Keep an eye out for the first to 5000 though!




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