New Dark Spell Factory Spell: Earthquake

The Dark Spell Factory was officially confirmed yesterday along with the first spell being released: the Poison Spell which is used for killing the enemy Clan Castle troops. Today, Clash of Clans showed the 2nd Dark Spell, the Earthquake Spell!

Earthquake Spell June 2015 Update Clash of Clans

What is the Earthquake Spell?

So this spell again works similar to a lightning spell or a barrage in Boom Beach. You place the spell and it weakens the buildings in it’s radius. However, there is a catch. It weakens all the buildings by the same PERCENTAGE: 10% or so. So regardless of if it is a builders hut or the Town Hall, it will weaken both by 10%. And no, you are not able to take down the TH only with spells!

So in my opinion the Earthquake spell is pretty useless actually. It doesn’t take down any buildings the full way, only weakens them! I would advise to bring an extra Poison spell instead of the Earthquake spell.

Forum Sneak Peek!

In the Supercell Forums, they always do a little sneak peek there as well. Today there was 2! The first was that there is no more zapping DE. But the other one was that you can now filter Clan Chat. Pretty nifty if you are in a clan with some kids.

So that the whole update list for today. Unfortunately, tomorrow’s sneak peek will most likely be the haste spell which I’m VERY interested to see. Right now I’m imagining it as a Rage Spell. Clash of Clans might mix it up though, we never know! Regardless, Ill see you guys tomorrow!

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