First Player to Legend League/5000 Trophies!

The first ever player to hit 5,000 trophies was TODAY! The player was the first ever to reach this mark and the first ever to hit the new Legend League. Here’s a bit of a shoutout that Clash of Clans gave him:

First Player to 5,000 Trophies Clash of Clans

So right after Clash of Clans implemented the Legend League someone hit it! That is some pretty good forethought if you ask me. Right now there is only one who has hit it and actually he is now below the 5,000 trophy mark. Eventually we will start seeing more than 1 person up there.

I believe we will see an increase in people pushing over the next month or so trying to get to the new leagues. Anyways keep tuned and congrats to shaheen uae for 5,000 trophies, a lot of gems, and a TON of time sacrificed.

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