Complete Haste Spell Guide in Clash of Clans

It is finally the Haste Spell’s turn! We have already covered the Poison and the Earthquake Spells, so now I am going to walk you through the 3rd and final Dark Spell.

What is the Haste Spell?

The Haste Spell is very similar to a rage spell. A rage spell on one hand gives attacking troops a damage AND speed increase, while the Haste Spell only gives the speed increase.

Haste Spell Strategy Guide Clash of Clans Dark Spells

How to Use the Haste Spell

The Haste Spell can only really be used in one way: to speed up troops! But there are a few different TIMES when you can place it during the attack, and it also differs per attack strategy. Basically, use this spell whenever your units are moving slow and you need them to speed up. This can either be at the beginning of a raid when you need to get everything started, or towards the end of a battle when you are fighting time to achieve the 3 star.

Haste Spell Strategy

So the use of the Haste Spell will depend on your attack strategy that you are using. Each attack style will require a complete different strategy to maximize your raid efforts.

Hogs- Hogs should still have mostly heal spells, but it would help to bring a haste spell or two you can propel your hogs across some far away defenses.

GoWiPe/GoWiWi- Golems are a very slow unit, and with a haste spell in the right space, you can easily send your golems heading across the base faster.

Balloonion/LavaLoonion- Since balloons don’t really need a damage increase, you shouldn’t bring rage spells, but rather haste spells to SPEED them up!

Haste Spell Strategy Guide Clash of Clans Dark Spells

Spell Composition with the Haste Spell

So the only strategies that will require haste spells are the ones listed above plus barch. These are listed with TH10 spells so 11 spell space.

Hogs- 4 heal spells, 1 poison spell, 2 haste spells

GoWiPe/GoWiWi- 2 rage spells, 2 freeze spells, 1 poison spell, 2 haste spells

Balloonion/LavaLoonion- 2 freeze spells, 1 heal spells, 1 poison spell, 4 haste spells

Barch- 1 heal spell, 1 rage spell, 1 poison spell, 6 haste spells

So that’s all for the Haste Spell! Thanks for following this little series, and make sure to check back in tomorrow for some more great posts!


12 thoughts on “Complete Haste Spell Guide in Clash of Clans

  1. hmmm, if you are using giants in war for anything besides luring the cc out, you’re doing it wrong. All th9s need to be 3 starred in war to compete with good clans. Best current strats are golava, goho, quadlava, and mini gowiwi or mini gowipe with 8 loons or 12-18 hogs. These are for th9 vs th9. HEAVY HITTERS 150 war wins, 10+ th10s and 10+ th9s. Your th10s should easily 3 star any and all th9s with a gowipe or gowiwi with like 15 hogs and a bunch of heals and a jump


  2. But at town hall ten, you don’t use hogs a lot. Also, hogs are pretty fast already, so unless you know where there are giant bombs and can place a haste spell so that they can get away fast enough, you don’t need a haste spell.


      • Ya. That might happen sometimes. Town hall 9s will be soooooo easy to three star with th 10 hog attacks.


      • Ya, plus the no inferno tower and no third x bow, plus a not as upgraded base, I bet A max town hall 10 can three star most town hall 9s with my giant-healspell strategy, which most of the people use in my clan now (except my best friend, so sad, but he is better at dragons, so it’s ok). But sadly, no one else in my clan can use the attack correctly.


      • Im not sure about giant-healer; Im a TH9 and when ever someone tries to go all out on me with giant healer, they usually get somewhere around 60%-70% with the 1 or 2 star varying. Personally I think hogs are much better than giant-healer, especially if you know how to deploy.


      • I meant Giant-Healspell. No healer, no worrying about air defenses. I’ve seen my clan leader, at town hall 9, consistently two or three staring other town hall 9s. That is, when he doesn’t forget to lure the clan castle, which happened a few times. But even then, he once manages to one star a guy and barely missed the town hall.


      • And yes, Hogs are better than Giant healspell most of the time, but you have to worry about giant bomb spaces and its a bit more expensive. But unlike Giant-healspell, you never fail because of the time. I have had a couple of 97 to 99 percents by forgeting about the corner builder’s huts.


      • And, I just posted this post about how to do Giant Healspell attacks. Maybe can you do one of those on youtube for like, an episode of trying different attacks?
        the post link is here.


      • Yeah, I’m gonna try out a whole lot of different attacks soon! Giant-healer is one of the first on my list!


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