Clash of Clans Builder Strategy

In Clash of Clans, builders are the most important part of the game. They build new buildings, upgrade pre-exisitng ones, and make new layouts available to you. Therefore, you have got to know how to manage them effectively to succeed the most in this game! Here are a few strategies to help you maximum your builder’s potential!

Plan your Upgrades

Before you upgrade any buildings, know your plan of action. For example, you are about to upgrade a cannon, but then what comes after? Are you going to upgrade a mortar, a wizard tower, or maybe another cannon? You need to know what comes next after that upgrade finishes.

Clash of Clans Builder Strategy

Usually, I plan to do a whole upgrade list. For example, as soon as I get a new Town Hall level, I know that I am doing ALL my mortars first, and following that my wizard towers. After wizard towers come cannons, and so on. Know what you are going to upgrade before its time to upgrade it!

Know When your Buildings Finish

Knowing when your buildings finish are key to upgrading time and managing your builders perfectly! If something finishes upgrading at 10:00 PM, and you don’t upgrade anything that night, but instead save it until the next morning, that’s a whole 8-12 hours of upgrading time lost.Clash of Clans Builder Strategy

If you really want to go hardcore, go to your calendar app on your phone or tablet, and set time and dates for when each of your building finish. That way you can get an alarm and know EXACTLY when everything is done upgrading.

Getting Loot Ahead of Time

Make sure to have enough resources to upgrade what you want to upgrade before it becomes time to get that upgrade on the way. Your storages need to have more resources than necessary when an upgrade finishes so that you can be right one the way to the next one.

Clash of Clans Builder Strategy

Usually, what I do, is raid constantly and fill up my storages as much as possible. When I get the point where I have enough for an upgrade, say 7,000,000 for level 4 dragons, I upgrade wall. Then everytime I hit 7,000,000 again I upgrade a wall until my current lab upgrade finishes and I can upgrade my dragons.

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