New September 2015 Update Coming Soon!

Yes, the new September 2015 update will be dropping soon! Clash of Clans tweeted this at 12pm EST, so personally I think we can expect this update at either 2am EST or 8am EST. Here’s what the update entitles so far:

-Level 7 Lightning Spells

-Spell Reworks (Freeze, Poison, Earthquake)

-New Level 11 Wall Look

-25 New Walls at TH10

– Clan War Tiebreakers

Which are you most looking forward to?

Clash of Clans NEW September 2015 Update

So not exactly the big update we were hoping for after a 2 and 1/2 month wait, but Clash of Clans has said that a HUGE update will be coming during ClashCon!!! I believe this update is just to hold us over until that one. Check back here tomorrow for the full update release notes and subscribe to us on YouTube for a glimpse of the new update:



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