Town Hall 11 in the ClashCon October 2015 Update?

So the last update in September 2015 was pretty small, but we were promised a massive update for ClashCon! This massive update has got to add something big for Clash of Clans! Here are some possibilities to new features that could be added.

ClashCon Clash of Clans 2015 Update

New Updates in the Update!

-Town Hall 11

-New Dark Troop

-New Dark Spell

-Donating Spells

So these are the most common rumors talked about for this major ClashCon update ahead. But the real question is, will Town Hall 11 be released?

Town Hall 11?!

So will Town Hall 11 be released during ClashCon. I could say yes or no. Im really not too sure what huge changes will be coming during ClashCon, only that there will be huge changes! Town Hall 11 Clash of Clans ClashCon October 2015 Update

Clues TH11 is Coming

  • Clash needs a huge update SOON
  • Town Hall 10 came out 2 years ago!
  • The player demand is there
  • Plenty of new ideas to implement at Town Hall 11

Clues TH11 isn’t Coming

  • No room on map for new buildings
  • Just added 25 new walls at Town Hall 10
  • Game is relatively balanced
  • More important changes Supercell could add

So as you can see, its pretty even regarding Town Hall 11. Currently I’m leaning toward it NOT being released at ClashCon, but instead having another different update. I’m almost certain that a new dark troop will be heading our way soon.

What is ClashCon?

I’ve been talking about ClashCon this whole article, but what exactly is ClashCon? ClashCon is a Clash meetup, with some of the top YouTubers making appearances. There will be Clan War tournaments, strategy talks, and fun! It’s a great event that will really bond the Clash community together. Unfortunately, I will not be attending, but make sure you tell me if you are!

ClashCon Clash of Clans 2015 Update

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One thought on “Town Hall 11 in the ClashCon October 2015 Update?

  1. I’ve thought of the donating spells machanism, and it could work, although there might be some way to cheat with it.
    I want another update, though, and it’s that you can set your clan castle troops to not defend your base, just like heros.


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