Clash of Clans New Update Changes!

The last two sneak peeks have been a big letdown in my opinion, being just changes to the update and answers from the development team.

Changes to the Update

So after a couple sneak peeks, the developers decided that some changes needed to be made after hearing the complaints of some of the Clashers. Here are the changes they made to the update:

  • No shield given unless attacker deploys 1/3 of their army (was 1/2)
  • Champion League now gets a 30 minute shield (was 15 minutes)
  • 75% reduction of all trap rearming
  • 70% reduction in X-Bow rearming
  • Time until you can be attacked after going offline increased from 1 minute to 5 minutes

Now along with this, as the fifth sneak peek today, they had a Q&A session with Chief Pat.

Answers from the Developers

Here are some of the major points that Jonas, one of the Clash developers, made about this upcoming update.

Clan Wars

  • There will be some war related sneak peeks
  • There will be no perks past level 10 clans
  • More perks will be added to clans level 1-10
  • Heroes will not be available in war

Balancing Improvements

  • Level 8 walls will never be upgraded by elixir again
  • 80% of all attacks were Town Hall snipes

Single Player Maps

  • They have been discussing special challenge maps for single player


  • A defensive bonus is being considered

So this is a bit of inside information for the future sneak peeks during the next week and a half. Hopefully we start to see some great stuff tomorrow! Make sure to subscribe to us on YouTube:

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