NEW Loot Bonuses, Trophy Offers in December 2015 Update

For those of you who thought farming was dead due to the last sneak peek, that is not the case anymore! There have been some gigantic changes to loot bonuses, trophy offers, and loot in general. Let’s go ahead and walk you through whats to be benefited from this sneak peek!

Trophy Offers Changed Sneak Peek

New Loot Changes!

With the new loot changes comes a gigantic change, the TOWN HALL now hold resources. It will hold 1/5 of the gold and elixir available and 1/5 of the dark elixir available. Now obviously, the reason for this change is to go even further to prevent sniping and my guess is that it will definitely work!

With the Town Hall now being a resource building (sort of) goblins can target it as well along with the Clan Castle.

Town Hall Loot Clash of Clans

Here’s the new distribution of loot between your storages and your Town Hall:

New Loot Distribution Town Hall 2015

So as you can see the Town Hall now hold the equivalent of a gold/elixir storage and it also hold 1/5 of the DE storage. All of this boils down to protect your Town Hall!

New Loot Bonuses

So yes, loot bonuses will be increased for about the 3rd or 4th time in Clash of Clans. However, the loot bonus will now be based off of how much percent you get off a base. If you get 70% and up, you will receive 100% of the bonus.

Champion New Loot Bonuses

Clash of Clans says that you shouldn’t worry: once you hit 50%, you have already received 80% of the loot bonus. Of course, you still need to win the attack in order to get any reward. Here’s a look at what the difference between 50% and 70% will be:

New Loot Bonuses 70% 50% Clash December 2015

Not too bad of a change. This will help farming a lot after all the recent changes in the last 2 sneak peeks.

Trophy Offer Changes

For all your high level pushers, this one is going to make you VERY happy! Before, if you were 800 trophies below the base you were attacking, then it would be a 59 cup offer. Now if you are 800 trophies below, it has been decreased to 54. This is a sliding scale that is throughout all ranges.

But another big change has come as well. Here are the new minimum trophy offers in each of the leagues-

  • Bronze, Silver, Gold- +1
  • Crystal, Master 3- +2
  • Master 2, Master 1, Champion 3- +3
  • Champion 2, Champion 1- +4
  • Titan 3- +5
  • Titan 2, Titan 1, Legend- +6

Minimum Trophies Leagues Clash of Clans

So with these new changes we will no longer see the endless stream of +1 trophy offers up in high Titan league. These changes really balanced Clash of Clans out and I’m happy to see what is to come tomorrow. It should be a new addition, not balancing like the last 3 sneak peeks. Make sure to subscribe on YouTube to follow the action:

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