#TBT: The OLD Clash of Clans

Thursday is always the time for throwbacks and today I went through my old photos and saw some great photos of Clash of Clans YEARS ago! Have fun looking at these pics while I try to explain what is different!

So here we see the base layout village as it was 2 years ago! Major differences here are that there is no village layout button. Granted, this is a TH3 or 4, but it still wasn’t in the game at this time. Also, the trophy button was down by your attack button to view your leagues. There is also an absence of the Clan War button, seeing as it didn’t exist yet! Lastly notice, the achievement button in the top left, where it is now located in the bottom right!

Here’s an image of what clans looked like back in the  day! So the biggest difference is the stats. There are no Wars Won, no War Frequency, no Clan Location, and no Clan Tag. Also you can’t see Clan Perks or Clan Level because they were implemented in the game yet! Leagues also look strange due to no such thing as Titan or Legend. The numbers were centered over the badge!

Lastly, we have an attack screen to show. Attacking has mostly been kept the same throughout Clash of Clans except for 2 major features. The End Battle button is above the timer, when now it is located to the left of the screen. Also, the troops have *s instead of the numbers they currently have.

I hope you liked this glimpse into the old Clash of Clans and the good ole days! Tell me if you have any sweet photos for way back when!

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