Sneak Peeks Coming for Clash Royale!

Yes, Clash Royale will be getting some sneak peeks to an upcoming update coming out soon! Here’s the leaked guide to it that I wrote a few days ago, most likely, this will be the correct update list:

Ill keep you guys posted with the sneak peeks as they happen throughout this week, as most likely, the game will drop globally with this update.

Along with sneak peeks happening, the Supercell team is also doing balancing to the game YET again. Here’s what’s being changed:

Zap: The zap will now stun troops for 1 second along with doing damage.

Giant Skeleton: The skeleton’s bomb now goes off after 3 seconds instead of 1, allowing troops to get away.

Tesla: Hitpoints decreased by 5%.

Rage: Effect wears off quicker when troops leave the rage’s radius.

Distracting Troops: Troops won’t be distracted as easily, probably won’t be pulled off the lane.

Card Donations: Rare cards now give 10 XP when donated.

Anyways, be prepared for the first real update to Clash Royale, along with hopefully the global launch. Check back here tomorrow to see whats new!

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