Clash of Clans Friendly Challenge + One Gem Boost

Friendly Challenges

Friendly challenges will be coming to Clash of Clans! These are basically friendly battles in Clash Royale! I’m super excited for these and think it will be a great addition to the game to bring it back up to the popularity of Clash Royale! So what exactly are these friendly challenges?

Clash of Clans Friendly Challenges

Friendly challenges are a way for you to test your base against your fellow clan members. They can attack any base design you throw at them, with the attacker trying out new strategies, and the defender trying out new base designs.


  • Fun, unique way to bring the clan closer together
  • Become more talented with strategies
  • Learn what base designs work vs what doesn’t
  • Doesn’t consume up your troops (don’t have to retrain)
  • Creates competition with the clan
  • Just plain FUN!


  • Can’t earn resources or trophies
  • Can be taken advantage of in war clans
  • Some base design will become too good, tested against multiple strategies

So obviously, the pros will outweigh the cons and I think that we have a pretty sweet feature headed our way! There is no information yet on how exactly it will look and sequence but it will be up here as soon as it is released!

One Gem Boost

Hey, the one gem boost is finally back! Take advantage of this one now, as you can boost resource building for just one gems! This boost will end when the friendly challenges update drops, so get your constant boost going while you can!

Clash of Clans One Gem Boost

Im super excited for this update; it should definitely bring some interest back into Clash of Clans! I can’t wait to see how this works. Also, boosting your resources collectors for one gem a day isn’t too bad either! Check back here when the update drops for the full scoop on everything!

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