Clash Royale Balance Changes 5/18

You will be seeing Clash Royale Balance Changes post quite a lot as it is constantly updated. to balance out the game. These posts will have the entire changes that have happened during the update! I will also be saying if it is a nerf or a buff to the card. Nerfs will be highlighted in blue and buffs will be highlighted in red. I’ll also be analyzing what I have been seeing in the game since the balance change happened. Here are the 5/18 Clash Royale changes:

  • Royal Giant: Damage decreased by 4% 
  • Freeze: Duration decreased by 1 sec 
  • Furance: Elixir cost decreased to 4, hitpoints decreased by 14% and lifetime decreased to 40 sec
  • Fire Spirits: Area damage radius increased to 25%
  • Guards: Hitpoints and damage increased by 8% 
  • Miner: Hitpoints increased by 6% 
  • Lava Hound: Hitpoints increased by 3%, pup hitpoints increased by 9% 
  • Elixir Collector: Hitpoints decreased by 9% 
  • Knight: Hitpoints increased by 10% 
  • Bomber: Damage increased by 10% 
  • Cannon: Hitpoints decreased by 5%
  • Tesla: Hitpoints increased by 5% 
  • Golem: Hitpoints increased by 5% 
  • Witch: Damage increased by 10% 
  • Skeletons (Tombstone, Skeleton Army, Witch, Skeletons): Damage increased by 5%
  • Tombstone: Hitpoints increased by 10%

Clash Royale Balance Changes Update 9/19


So those are all of these changes that have happened in this balance update. We can see that the most popular cards, royal giant, freeze, elixir collector, and cannon are all nerfed in a hope to be less used. However, the royal giant continues to be used, but I have see a decrease in freeze. The elixir collector also continues to be used consistently, but I noticed a decrease of its use as a damage collector. I’ve seen a bit less use of the cannon.


Of all the cards that got buffed, I’ve noticed the witch, fire spirits, and tombstone increased use. The witch has become a very good card, especially when used behind the giant, royal giant, or golem. Expect to see the witch a lot more at the higher arenas.

Thanks for reading this post! Get out there and see for yourself what these new changes are looking like. Should be interesting to find out the changes in the 2 new legendaries, the miner and the lava hound.

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