5 Tournament Ideas for Clash Royale

Tournament sneak peeks were officially announced today for the next Clash Royale update, which leads us to think about what these tournaments could be like. I’ve come up with a list of 5 different things that tournaments could be in Clash Royale. Just wait until tomorrow until the real sneak peeks should start!

Clash Royale Tournaments Sneak Peek

Clan Tournaments

Now obviously, this would be sick. To be able to set up your own tournament within your clan, based on how many people want to compete would be beyond amazing. However, I doubt we will be seeing this in the next Clash Royale update because of the new tab in the game. Hopefully, sometime soon we will see clan tournaments added in Clash Royale.

League Tournaments

So similar to leagues in Clash of Clans, every player would have a league in Clash Royale made up of 32 or 64 players. Every season reset, you can play against your league in your tournament. There would have to be an opt-in/opt-out button so that you wouldn’t have inactive tournament players in your league.

Small vs Big Tournaments

I think big or small tournaments would be the best call for Clash Royale. With this, you could choose what size of tournament you wanted to compete in. It could have 4 players for a smaller reward or up to 128 players for a huge reward. Being able to choose would let you have lots of flexibility.

Level Tournaments

So these tournaments would be based on level. You can enter a tournament based on all level 8s or level 13s. Of course, this means that “tournament standards” would have to be revoked to account for level 13 players. I think this would be cool because you would be able to match up against those at your level, not necessarily skill level.

Location Tournaments

As seen in the sneak peek today, location might be a part of it. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could start a tournament with all your friends right around you? Of course, range could vary a lot for location tournaments. However, if you could start “LAN tournaments” I think that would be a super cool feature.

Tournaments Sneak Peek Clash Royale

So that is all I have right now on Clash Royale tournaments. Make sure to check back in tomorrow for a complete overview on what these tournaments should be like!

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