10 Clash Royale Lane Pushing Tips

The entire purpose of Clash Royale is to be able to take an opponent’s tower. In order to do that, you need to be able to push to a tower effectively to maximize your damage! Today, I’ll be sharing 10 simple tips to lane pushing in Clash Royale!

10 Clash Royale Lane Pushing Tips

1. Never only push with one unit- One unit pushes will not give you the maximum damage to try and destroy a tower. Always have at least 2 units, try to make it 3 if possible. This means that you will be able to defend against your opponents defense better and if your units get to the tower, do more damage.

Clash Royale Pushing Tip #1
2. Use a mix of tanks and damage units- The push isn’t going to be very effective if you only send in tanks such as the giant and golem or just goblins and musketeers. You need to have a mix of the two in order to get to the tower along with fending off any incoming troops.

Clash Royale Pushing Tip #23. The best defense in the best offense- By playing defense against whatever troops your opponent places down, you will be able to have some troops saved up to begin a push with. Those troops should be the start of your next push down whatever side they just finished defending.

Clash Royale Pushing Tip #3

Clash Royale Pushing Tip #34.Tank units in the back- One of the best ways to get ahead in Clash Royale is to place a tanky unit in the very back of your side so that you can build up elixir as it takes time to walk forward to the river. All the while, you can be building elixir and becoming ready to start a massive push.

Clash Royale Pushing Tip #45. Be able to kill all (air/land, tank/spam)- When pushing, you don’t want to build a strong push and then not be able to kill a specific unit. In a push, ideally, you need to be able to kill air, land, tanky, and spam units so that you can get to the tower with ease. Don’t be easily beat by a minion horde because you don’t have a unit that can kill air units!

Clash Royale Pushing Tip #56. Know when a push is dead- You have to realize when a push is over and you aren’t going to be able to extend the push anymore. If you keep trying to push when almost all of your units are almost dead, it will only wind up being a waste of elixir. Start preparing so that you can counter your opponent’s push.

Clash Royale Pushing Tip #67. Always have a spell at the ready- When pushing down a lane, you should always have a spell at the ready. A zap should be hovering over the tower to freeze any troop or kill skeletons or goblins. Or you could use a fireball to kill minion horde or barbarians. Whatever the case, make sure to be ready to use a spell.

Clash Royale Pushing Tip #78. Cycle past their defense- If you are using hog, giant, or royal giant, try to make your opponent drop their cannon or inferno early, before you place your offensive cards, so that your tank won’t be bothered by it. Then, those cards will definitely get a few shots off on the tower.

Clash Royale Pushing Tip #89. Predict the plays- You need to be able to predict what your opponent will play as a defense. If the player you are facing has been playing barbs to counter the hog the whole game, place some fire spirits behind and be ready with a zap spell so that you can fully take out the barbarians. Predict what they will play and push based on that!

Clash Royale Pushing Tip #910. Full elixir push- When you do finally have the opportunity to start a big push, make sure that you are pushing with at least 10 elixir worth of cards. You don’t want a half-hearted push that will only do 300 damage. Instead, build up lots of elixir for your push and try to make it more than 10 elixir worth of cards!

Clash Royale Pushing Tip #10

So that is all the tips I have for you guys today! Start getting ready for this September update for Clash Royale which we should start seeing sneak peeks for soon. Thanks for reading and check back in soon!

3 thoughts on “10 Clash Royale Lane Pushing Tips

  1. I have a deck for lower levels that counters almost everything (I got up to arena 5 with it when I was level 5, so I think it is ok):Fireball, arrows, tombstone, spear goblins, valk, giant, musketeer, bomber. (arena 2 / 3 / 4 deck). Every push is full elixir, because the other person will be forced to defend anyways.


    • My deck is good because all the cards you get fairly early on. My friend has a more advanced deck for arena 4. The only reason it is good is because few people still carry the arrows at arena 4. Therefore, he has a giant-goblin-goblin barrel push, accompanied by musketeer, cannon, baby dragon, spear goblins, and then arrows or fireball, depending on your preference. It leaves plenty of elixir for defense, as long as you start with the giant in the back and build up slowly.


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