Clash Royale Best Sparky Deck for ALL Arenas!

Sparky is one of the best legendary cards in Clash Royale if used correctly, but to use sparky to its full potential, you must have the BEST sparky deck to win! This deck is perfect for three crowns with sparky and it works at all arenas! From Builder’s Workshop when you first unlock sparky all the way to Legendary Arena, this is the best sparky deck in Clash Royale!

Best Sparky Deck All Arenas

Best Sparky Deck Clash Royale

These 8 cards each have a specific purpose for this sparky deck so you need to make sure to use each card wisely and to the best of its ability. The whole idea of this best sparky deck is to get as many sparkys (sparkies?!) on the map as possible with some support cards thrown in to absolutely dominate and pick up that three crown.

Sparky Deck on Defense

Sparky: None at all; sparky should only be used for offense.

Giant: Also very little defensive use.The giant can be used to soak up damage on your side of the map, but that is about it.

Elixir Collector: The elixir collector should be protected as much as possible, but if the situation arises where you do not have your cannon in rotation, use the elixir collector to stop whatever defensive seeking card is heading toward you.

Fire Spirits: Fire spirits are one of your most valuable cards, because along with zap, they are the only card to kill air troops. Use the fire spirits to kill any minion horde or barbarians heading toward you. Also, if guards aren’t in your cycle, you can use fire spirits to pull bigger units (musketeer, mini-P.E.K.K.A) while also doing some damage.

Mirror: The mirror doesn’t really have a lot of use on defense, since its most important use is for it to mirror sparkys once you start your main push. However, if you need a card again that can’t be countered any other way, go ahead and use the mirror to defeat your opponent’s push.

Guards: Guards are definitely one of your most important cards on defense. With guards, you want to use them to counter everything from a charging prince to a backdoor miner. Your guards are very critical to defend, so don’t use them in stupid situations like countering goblins. Only use them to gain a positive elixir advantage.

Cannon: Just like with all decks, the cannon should be used to divert the attention of the hog, giant, or royal giant away from the tower. If your opponent doesn’t have any of these cards, use it like you would a card to counter any troop. Always place in the middle so that both towers can target the unit that was pulled.

Zap: Since this deck only contains one card to counter air troops, the zap should be used to kill minion horde or minions whenever you get the chance. Also, use the zap to destroy any goblins or spear goblins that are combined with the hog cycle deck so they can’t get any chip damage while your towers are distracted by the hog.

Sparky Deck Defense Clash Royale

Sparky Deck on Offense

Sparky: This is THE card for this deck. The whole deck revolves on making sparky work and three crowning your opponent. You need to wait until double elixir time when you have sparky and mirror up in your rotation. From there, place a sparky in the back of your base and as soon as you have 10 elixir place another one. Try to get a giant in front and then cycle through support cards until you can get another sparky up.

Giant: Again, this is one of the most important cards in this sparky deck. The giant should be placed in front of the sparkys so that the giant takes all the damage and leaves the sparkys untouched. Also, if possible, the giant can do some extreme damage to the tower, since your opponent will be focused on taking out the sparkys.

Elixir Collector: Of course, you can’t really use the elixir collector as an offensive card, but it is key to building an offensive push. Just try to get as many collectors down as a possible so that you can get tons of elixir going.

Fire Spirits: If there is one weakness to sparky, it is definitely the minion horde. More likely than not, your opponent will try to take out your sparkys with the minion horde. This is where fire spirits come in. You should place the spirits in behind the sparkys so that they will annihilate any minions that are placed to counter sparkys.

Mirror: The mirror shouldn’t really be used until your final push and that is when you need to mirror your sparky to really do tons of damage as you move down the lane. One sparky can be countered easily, but if you get two, they will literally kill anything that is placed down to stop them. Best scenario: 4 sparkys down thanks to the mirror!

Guards: Guards are mostly for defense, but you can put them in with the sparkys to kill any smaller troops that could kill your sparkys if they aren’t charged up. Mostly though, save these guys for defense.

Cannon: No offensive value.

Zap: The zap can be used to stall out troops that gives you that half second stop for your sparkys to recharge. Also, it can help to stop minions until you can cycle back to fire spirits.

Clash Royale Three Crown Sparky Deck

Sparky Card Substitutes

Sparky: None

Giant: Royal giant, P.E.K.K.A.

Elixir Collector: None

Fire Spirits: Spear goblins, archers, minions

Mirror: None

Guards: Valkyrie, barbarians

Cannon: Tesla, tombstone

Zap: Arrows, ice spirit

Clash Royale Sparky Deck

If you are lucky enough to have sparky, try out this best sparky deck to absolutely dominate opponents at ALL arenas! It’s a lot of fun to mess around with and I hope that you guys can use it effectively. See you guys soon with some new decks!

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14 thoughts on “Clash Royale Best Sparky Deck for ALL Arenas!

  1. This is a good example to let everyone remember that sparky used to be the best legendary, as she’s the worst nowadays


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  4. I haven’t even lost once on my main and second account in regular battles, a total of 12 wins at level 6 and 7 putting both my accounts 100 trophies away from arena 6. Keep in mind my best account is still a new level 7 too.


  5. Well, I have to say, my arena 1 deck, Giant, Fireball, Baby Dragon, Musketeer, Valk, Bomber, Arrows, and Spear Goblins is the best deck I have ever seen. Almost beat a level 9 in a friendly battle today, and he is in royale arena.


  6. I think you meant three crowning the opponent with the sparky, not three starring.
    It’s the problem with playing too much either clash of clans or clash royale.


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