Clash Royale OP Giant Posion Deck!

In Clash Royale right now, Giant-Poison decks are the OP strategy and definitely the meta. It is seen all over legendary arena and will continue to be seen until the next update. If you want to move up trophies FAST, then giant-poison is definitely the deck to use right now. Enjoy this one and put it to good use!

Best Giant Poison Deck

Clash Royale Best Giant Poison Deck

In this deck, you have everything you could have every wanted: defense, offense, spells, troops; this counters EVERYTHING! Also, any two cards put together provides a great offensive push. Start building elixir early in the game and defend, and once you see an opportunity, push hard with the giant!

Giant Poison Deck Defense

Giant: No real defensive strategy, except to provide a distraction to your opponent’s troops while your tower is able to shoot them down.

Musketeer: Best used against baby dragons, minion horde, and balloon. In this giant poison deck, the musketeer is the only troop that can kill the tanky air units easily and to a point. Usually, if you place the musketeer behind your tower, she is able to kill the troops coming in and then begin a nice counter push.

Zap: The zap, like every deck is best used for defense for stopping the minion horde. When you use it on the minion horde, you receive a 3 elixir advantage which is just insane. Also use it effectively against hog cycle decks when you can stall the hog and also kill the goblins that come along with it.

Poison: The poison is great for stopping the minion horde if you don’t have the zap ready to go in your rotation. The poison is also really good for melting barbarians. Also, anything with the giant in front with small damage units behind, the poison would be great for destroying.

Mini-P.E.K.K.A.: Since it does so much damage with one hit, the mini-P.E.K.K.A. should only really be used on defense against big, offensive units. The best unit to use against the mini-P.E.K.K.A. is probably the royal giant since it can get the royal giant down in just a few hits. Also very effective against the hog and giant.

Elixir Collector: In general, you want to keep your elixir safe from being destroyed, but if need be, place your elixir collector in the middle of your side of the map so that any offensive unit will turn towards the collector instead of your tower.

Ice Spirit: The ice spirit gives a very valuable freeze that you should use to the full advantage. Since it only costs 1 elixir, it doesn’t have to be used very sparingly and can basically be placed down to halt any big push so that you can counter more easily.

Guards: This is your one main defensive card to use. The guards must be used for practically any ground unit, including the miner, mini-P.E.K.K.A., musketeer, and prince. The whole point of the guards is to overwhelm your opponent with 3 guards that will take multiple hits to kill. Unlike the ice spirit, use these sparingly, for they are your most important weapon on defense.

Clash Royale Giant Poison Deck Defense

Giant Poison Deck Offense

Giant: The giant is your whole basis on the offensive side of the game. Ideally, you want to place your giant in the very back of your base when you have full elixir, therefore gaining full elixir again as he walks forward. The giant will provide an insane tank to any troops you place behind him as he moves forward. If he can get to the tower, he will also do quite a lot of damage.

Musketeer: The musketeer almost needs to be in every big push with the giant. Without the musketeer at the front and center, then there is no way to effectively kill air units besides the poison spell. Also the musketeer can do insane damage to a tower if left untouched behind a giant.

Zap: I would always have a zap at the ready when you are pushing down a lane. The zap can allow you to get an extra hit off on the tower because of its .5 second freeze. Also the zap will be able to take out those pesky goblins and skeletons without wasting valuable seconds for your other troops to destroy them all.

Poison: Ideally, you want to place the poison spell every time you are deep in your opponents base. The poison will clear any troops that may be placed to counter your push, along with help knock down any defense that might distract the giant. As one of the staples of this deck, the poison will also knock a couple HPs off the tower!

Mini-P.E.K.K.A.: If you manage to get the mini-P.E.K.K.A. all the way to the tower, you are completely set! The mini-P.E.K.K.A. will do severe damage to anything that it touches which also makes it good for defending the giant. Just be careful around skeleton army; if that is placed you have the zap!

Elixir Collector: No real offensive value, only good part is to build elixir for offense.

Ice Spirit: The ice spirit is a great add-on into any push for only 1 elixir to completely stall out any troops or the tower if you can get far enough. It also does some damage, so combined with a zap, it should be strong enough to take out minions. Make sure it doesn’t get shot first and you will have a 2 second freeze!

Guards: These aren’t really meant for offense, but nonetheless, guards will do some great work if you combine them with the giant. For one, they can fend off any defense units that are placed to stop the giant, especially the mini-P.E.K.K.A. Just make sure that the tower doesn’t shoot them and you should be good.

Clash Royale Giant Poison Deck Offense

Giant Poison Deck Substitutions

Giant: Royal giant, golem

Musketeer: Archers, spear goblins, baby dragon

Zap: Arrows, freeze

Poison: Fireball, lightning

Mini-P.E.K.K.A.: Knight, valkyrie, dark prince

Elixir Collector: None

Ice Spirit: Fire spirits, skeletons

Guards: Goblins, barbarians, spear goblins

Clash Royale Giant Poison Deck

So this is the best giant poison deck to use right now in Clash Royale! Comment below if there is any type of deck you would like to see me make a solid deck for. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you guys soon!

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